Friday, November 20, 2009

Brooklyn's Williamsburg Charter School raps SAT advice in music video 'Relax'

The college office and teachers of the Williamsburg Charter High School*, in Brooklyn, New York, have produced the best SAT video ever! Titled Relax, by the Charta Squad, four minutes of solid SAT advice are packed into a truly inspired rap worthy of a public service award from the Grammies or MTV. And to think families pay thousands of dollars for this kind of SAT insider information!

“Relax!,” is the underlying message the Charta Squad rappers beat out to a music video choreographed in familiar classrooms and hallways. Set two alarm clocks, eat a good breakfast, sharpen the pencils, and pack a watch, some water, calculator, and a snack. There’s even a shout out to analogies for old school viewers. “I got my SAT pants on. Got my SAT dance on.” But don’t forget to, “Relax, relax, relax.”

An SAT tutor sums it up, “This is easily the most brilliant thing I’ve seen regarding the SAT in freaking years.” And the stars of our show are the teachers, counselors, and security staff of the Williamsburg Charter High School.

MTV are you listening? Get the word out. "Relax" deserves a national audience.

*WCHS is part of the Believe High Schools Network

Photo from Lisa Liang's photostream.

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